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Blend Request Forms

Blend tag request 

Below are brief definitions of the different types of blends. For more detailed information see Seed Lot Blend Information.

The CCIA staff will verify component varieties, percentages, and certification status in the requested blend. You will receive an email response within 2 business days.

Below are links to excel spreadsheets to use to prepare the blend percentages:


InDirt Blend - comingling of harvested seed of a single variety from fields that have been inspected and passed as a class of certified seed but were assigned different certificaion numbers. The CCIA must receive approval from all applicants providing seed for the blend by submission of the Applicant Approval for In-Dirt Blend form.


Lot Blend - seed lots of the same variety. A lot blend is made by blending different lots of the same variety. Such as different lots of CUF 101 alfalfa OR different lots of Cal Rojo wheat. If approved, an email will be sent back with approval and a blend number.


Varietal Blend - seed lots of different varieties of one crop type. A varietal blend is made by blending seed lots of different varieties of the same kind of seed and marketed as a “Named Varietal Blend” of certified seed. Such as "Colossus" blend of alfalfa created from 3 different alfalfa varieties. The CCIA staff will verify component varieties, percentages, and certification status in the requested blend. If approved, you will receive with conditional approval and a blend number. The blend may then be completed, bagged, and tagged. A representative seed sample must be sent to the CCIA for analysis. The blend must be held on the premises until the final approval letter from the CCIA is received. For more detailed blend instructions see Seed Lot Blend Information.


Mixture different crop types blended together to form a mixture. A mixture is a combination of seed lots from two or more kinds (species) of seed and marketed as a “Mixture of certified seed”. The mixture may contain two or more varieties of the same species. Example of a pasture mixture may contain several seed lots of clover, vetch, and grasses.

Certified Seed Conditioning Permit

This is a pdf form that allows information to be typed.

Conditioner Permit Application (pdf)

Grower Signature Form

This is a pdf file that allows information to be typed.

Grower Signature Form

OECD Forms

OECD Add-Change Name Form (excel spreadsheet)

Online Tag Requests

Certification and OECD tags

All tags for certified seed are now requested using an online tag request procedure that will provide most of the information about the seed lot. You will need to log in as a member to use this system. Use this link to access certification tag requests.


Use this form: OECD Not Finally Certified Tag Request

Sunflower Field History

Sunflower - Additional Field History Requirements for fields that do NOT meet sunflower standards

Transfer Application to Grow Certified Seed

Transfer Seed Applications (pdf) - this is used to transfer certified seed application to a different applicant

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