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Alfalfa Seed Stewardship Program

This program is a mechanism whereby a request of services beyond normal seed certification in the management of Adventitious Presence (AP) of GMO traits.

Users are encouraged to complete the AOSCA Certification process in addition to this program.  Mechanical Seed Standards are not addressed.

Completion will result in the issuance of an IP certificate.

ASSP Application

Use this link to access the online APPLICATION for Alfalfa Seed Stewardship Program

ASSP Criteria Table

The requirements of the program (download ASSP Criteria Table as a pdf):

Item Description
Standard Description
Seed Certification Program Field(s) will be enrolled for seed certification  
Seedstock sampling and testing Quantitative GMO trait test, with claims For example, Zero (0) detection of the Roundup Ready trait in an official seed sample (4800 seed, minimum); 99.0% confidence of less than 0.1% this GMO trait
Source variety and seedstock label claims Verification of claims Stock seed label provided is sufficient to document variety name, certified generation, certified organic status, GMO claims and/or other claims of the applicant
Field history Basic field history 4 years without alfalfa (no exceptions) for fields with a history of RR hay or RR seed. Fields without a history of RR hay or RR seed in the past 4 years shall follow AOSCA standards in the state of seed production.
Field isolation
Minimum distance from known GMO
seed fields
Minimum Distance: 5 miles from any GMO alfalfa seed production field. Neighboring fields that are not GMO must follow current AOSCA certification standards in the state of production.
Minimum distance from known GMO hay fields Minimum Distance: 2 miles from any alfalfa hay production field known as GMO; inspect fields for bloom  
Minimum distance from any alfalfa seed fields Minimum Distance: 2 miles from any alfalfa seed production field that is not under this program
Minimum distance from any alfalfa (unmanaged/feral) Minimum Distance: 900 ft from any unmanaged/feral alfalfa; if present, all bloom controlled and inspected
Certification standard met Minimum Distance to a different, non-GMO variety as per State Standard for Certified Seed
Annual field inspection Each seed field under this program will be inspected annually
Seed Certification Equipment inspection Audit applicant's procedures for cleaning and inspection of field and seed conditioning equipment
Certification of seed Laboratory Results of Analysis received on seed sample; seed meets all criteria for certification.
Program Standard Fulfillment
(Select only one)
(A) No process deficiencies Option A:  The Program Standard has been met; No finished product testing is required.
Or, (B) Minor process deficiencies were noted AND finished seed has quantitative GMO test, with claims

Option B:  The Program Standard has been met by combining both the 6-Step process inspection and a quantitative finished product seed test.  An official sample of the finished seed has zero (0) detection of the Roundup Ready trait (4800 seed, minimum) with 99.0% confidence of less than 0.1% of this GMO trait.
Or, (C ) Deficient  Program Standard has not been met.
Certificate Issuance AOSCA Identity Preserved Program ASSP-2011 This identity preserved conventional alfalfa seed lot was produced in compliance with AOSCA Program ASSP-2011, which includes enhanced process and inspection standards for stock seed purity, field history and isolation.

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