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California Crop Improvement Association
California Crop Improvement Association
California Crop Improvement Association
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California Crop Improvement Association

Potato Certification

Potato Application Information

Application fee is $56.00/acre.

Minimum application fee is $56.00 - for acreages which are less than 1 acre in size.

Applications are due 3 weeks after planting.

Incomplete/late applications will be assessed a $50.00 fee - please see Application to grow and certify seed for details.

Canceled applications will be assessed a $100.00 fee.

Potato Seed Certification Standards

Potato Seed Certification Standards - seed stock requirements, land requirements, isolation, field inspections, post harvest testing, disease tolerance, etc.

Potato Certified Tag Requests

Use the link below to order certified potato tags:

CCIA Request for Potato Tags

Potato Variety Descriptions

View the database of potato variety descriptions:

Potato Variety Descriptions

Marketing Purpose of Potatoes

Marketing Purpose of Potatoes - chart listing varieties suitable for fresh market, specialty, chips, french fries, or dehydration.

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