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GROW - online application instructions

Download Online Application Instructions (pdf) or read below.

    1. Getting started
      1. Before starting an application for the first time your company's information must be in the CCIA database. Contact us at 530-752-0544 if your company needs to be added.
      2. If your company is already in our database you will need to ensure that all information is up to date under your company profile (i.e. employees with access is current, email and address of company is current, etc.). If you know your company's information is up to date, skip to step 4.
    2. Update Company Profile
      1. Go to  and click "Members Only".
      2. For the initial setup of your account, click “Login” under “Update Company Profile.” 
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      3. To Login to update company profile, enter your organization ID and assigned password provided to your organization. If you do not already have an organization ID number and password you must contact us directly at 530-752-0544 and we will provide you with one.
      4. The purpose of the Update Company Profile page is to:
        1. Change company contact information
        2. Add, delete, or change the contact information of employees who can use the CCIA online interface. *It is your sole responsibility to update this information as employees change in your company.
      5. app3b
    3. Completing An Online Application. Once you begin the application, you must go through step 14 below before the information is saved. If you stop before step 14 you will need to enter all the information again. 
    4. What you need:
      1. Your username (email address) and self-selected password.
        1. See "Update Company Profile" instructions above in step 3 if you do not have these.
      2. List of your growers name or account numbers
        1. If you have a new grower that is not in the CCIA database (has no Org ID#) you will need to contact us directly at 530-752-0544 and we will provide you with one.
      3. A copy of your field map.
      4. Saved onto your computer (jpg and pdf formats accepted)
        1. Tag(s), bulk sale certificate, certified rice seed statement, or any other planting stock supporting material you will need.
    5. Go to  and click "Members Only".
    6. To apply for certification, click on "Login" under "Apply for Certification".
    7. To Login to apply for certification, enter your email address and self-selected password.  If you do not already have an email address and self-selected password in your company profile you must contact your company’s account administrator to add you to your company’s profile.
    8. The applications for the current year will be displayed. Here you have the options to:
      1. Create/edit/submit/view applications
      2. View field inspection reports
    9. app4c
    10. To start a new application, section "Apply to Grow Certified Seed".
    11. At the beginning of every new crop year (October 1), before you may proceed with your application, you will be requested to accept or not accept the stated agreement below and if you would like to become a member of the CCIA.
    12. To proceed with you application, accept the agreement and enter the Grower Account number or name. Press Enter to proceed to the next page.
      1. The Grower Account Number will bring up a specific grower. If you don’t know the number, you may type in the first few letters of the name and press enter. The grower closest matching the name you typed will be suggested. If it is not the correct grower, type in a few more letters and press enter. Repeat this procedure until the correct grower is identified. You cannot add new growers. Contact CCIA if you need to add a grower.
    13. app4f
    14. Enter Crop Year, Crop, and Variety. Press Enter to proceed to the next page.
    15. Enter class to be produced and planting stock information.
      1. Variety ID will automatically populate if you enter in the correct spelling of the variety. Otherwise it will remain blank and we will correct the variety name upon review.
      2. The bottom section of the page is for hybrid production only. If a hybrid crop is being produced, provide the information for each parent line.
    16. Enter field information and history; then click "Continue with Application".
    17. Select application to edit information, upload tags, and attach map. 
    18. To map the field, click "Upload/Replace Map" and follow the instructions. 
      1. Using the online mapping system, a map of California will appear.
      2. Select the county your field is in to zoom to that county
      3. To find the field; hold the 'Alt' key and use your mouse to expand a square and then release to zoom to the area within the square. Or double click on the map to zoom and center the map. If your mouse has a roller, it can be used to zoom in and out.
      4. Click "Trace Field" and click on the corners of the field going clockwise.
      5. At the last corner of the field, right click to close the polygon.
      6. app6e
      7. Once you have right clicked to close the polygon, click "Submit Field".
    19. You may now view your map by clicking on the "View Map" button.
    20. To upload Certificates/Tags, click on "Upload Certificate/Tags" button. Prior to starting your application, scan or take a digital photo of the tags and save onto your computer in jpg or pdf format
    21. After following instructions to upload tags, you will be returned to this page. The application is NOT SUBMITTED until you click on "Select" for the application and "Submit Application".
    22. If all the information is present and correct, click the red "Submit Final Application" button. After you submit the application you can no longer make any changes. If changes need to be made after submission, contact the CCIA office at 530-752-0544.

If you have any questions regarding online applications, contact:
Timothy Blank
(530) 754-4854

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