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Research Policy for Allocation of Research Funds

Funding for research grants is collected by assessing a research fee on pounds (cwt) of seed certified for alfalfa, beans, clover, cotton, and small grains (barley, oats, rye, triticale, and wheat). These funds are collected and kept separate from the CCIA budgeted funds.

The policy for distribution of research funds is that money collected by a commodity for research is used to benefit only that commodity. Money distributed by the CCIA for research shall not be used for indirect costs including, but not limited to, University overhead. Allocation of funds beyond what is available would be the exception rather than the normal practice.

Research proposals are solicited annually in March. At this time, the CCIA staff will evaluate the funds allocated the previous year, the commodity resources available for the current year, and the assessment fee necessary to maintain the existing level of support. This information will be made available to the research committees in April along with the research proposals submitted for review.

Each research committee will present a formal recommendation at the June Board of Directors meeting regarding which proposals to fund and at what level. Research committees are not obligated to allocate all the funds available.

Updated March 2017

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