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California Crop Improvement Association
California Crop Improvement Association
California Crop Improvement Association
University of California
California Crop Improvement Association


Mailing address:
California Crop Improvement Association         
Parsons Seed Certification Center
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95691-8540

Main phone: 530-752-0544
Fax: 530-752-4735


Driving Directions to CCIA
on the UC Davis campus

Current CCIA Staff


John Palmer - Executive Director
Phone: 530-752-9824

Soden Katy

Katy Soden - Administrative manager; accounting, outreach, information technology 
Phone: 530-752-6979

Guzman Pablo

Pablo Guzman – Manager of disease inspected program, manager of potato program and representative for field services in certified seed program
Phone: 530-754-9649

Blank Timothy

Timothy Blank - Certified seed program representative; field services, inspections and conditioners
Phone: 530-754-4854

Mkandawire Alex

Alex Mkandawire – Certified seed program representative; manager of field services
Phone: 530-752-6868

Nichole Hostert 2015

Nicole Hostert – Certified seed program representative; field services and inspections; Seed certification approval; OECD seed scheme post control growouts
Phone: 530-752-9823

Koala Ashley

Ashley Koala – Certified seed program representative; field services and inspections;OECD seed scheme post control growouts
Phone: 530-752-9828

Bowman Danielle

Danielle Bowman - Receptionist and certification tags
Phone: 530-754-9674

Former CCIA Staff

Stewart Bob

Robert Stewart
Retired December 2015

Teuber Larry

Dr. Larry R. Teuber
Passed away May 19, 2014
Larry served as the Executive Director of the CCIA from 2006 to 2014.
Dr. Larry R. Teuber Obituary 
Larry Teuber Tribute

Schlosser Kitty

Mary E. "Kitty" Schlosser
Retired July 2012
[Continues to work part time for CCIA on special projects.]


Bob Simas
Retired July 2009 
Honorary board member. Now is a very happy winemaker.

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