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OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Section 25. OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)

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Another certification program for moving seed internationally is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Seed Schemes. The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) of the USDA is the Designated Authority responsible for implementing the OECD Seed Schemes in the U.S. in cooperation with official Seed Certifying Agencies (SCA). AMS’ Seed Regulatory and Testing Branch, located in Gastonia, NC, is responsible for the administration of the OECD Seed Schemes program.

Certified seeds are produced and officially controlled according to common procedures in all member and participating countries. These seeds are identified by standardized OECD labels that are recognized worldwide. Participation in the OECD Seed Schemes is voluntary; however, if a country chooses to participate, it is required to apply the rules and directions in their entirety.                   

The OECD Seed Schemes pertain to seven groups of agricultural crops. The United States currently participates in five of the seven groups, including Grasses and Legumes, Crucifers and other Oil or Fiber Species, Cereals, Fodder Beets and Sugar Beets, and Maize and Sorghum. The United States does not participate in the Subterranean Clover or Vegetable Schemes.                   

The CCIA cooperates in the OECD Seed Scheme as the SCA entering into a cooperative agreement with the AMS of the USDA. Seed certified under this program qualifies by meeting CCIA individual Crop Standards, which meet or exceed all OECD Seed Scheme Rules and Regulations.  All varieties certified under this program must be on the OECD “List of Varieties Eligible for Seed Certification” to be qualified for certification.  Additional guidelines particular to the program must also be followed.

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