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Seed Laboratory

Section 23. Seed Laboratory

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The CCIA may require a seed testing laboratory to perform quality assurance audits of seed samples requested from Accredited seed conditioners and seed testing laboratories.  These audit tests may be  performed on reference samples in order to verify the accuracy of the seed test submitted for certification. The lab may also provide additional testing services or service testing for verification of compliance with certification standards, referee samples, training and education for seed labs.


23.1   Certification Seed Testing. Tests  are conducted for purity, germination, varietal identification, or diseases.  Tests are conducted following the AOSA rules of testing and tolerances. The  criteria for seed inspections are defined in the CCIA individual crop standards. Test results  are compared against the Crop Standards to determine if the seed lot meets certification  requirements. Specific additional tests may include:

  1. Presence of California prohibited and/or restricted noxious weed seed.

  2. Varietal  purity may be determined by physical and/or chemical characteristics of the seed.

  3. Disease tests – Ascochyta Blight, Bacterial Fruit Blotch, Rice Blast.

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