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Seed Laboratory Recognition Program (SLRP)

Section 24. Seed Laboratory Recognition Program (SLRP)

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This  program has been established for and applies to all seed laboratories that  provide testing services to seed conditioners in the CCIA’s certification  program.


24.1   Purpose and Objective. The purpose of a Seed Laboratory Recognition  Program is to establish a single quality performance standard in lieu of having all tests conducted by  the same in-house laboratory. The objectives of this program are to assure that all  laboratories uniformly follow approved procedures and provide high quality  reliable test results, create awareness of the CCIA requirements among  seed laboratories and conditioners, and ensure that the CCIA is compliant with  State and Federal statutory and regulatory requirements. Meeting this goal will enable recognized seed  laboratories to provide services that harmonize with the CCIA standards. This program provides  seed conditioners options to meet their seed testing requirements and maintains  the CCIA’s standards as a provider of high quality certification services to  the California, United States, and international seed industry.


24.2  Recognized Seed Laboratories. Seed  laboratories which choose to participate in this program will be audited by the  CCIA at least once every 3 years. The CCIAwill accept reports of analysis only from seed laboratories that have been  audited and found to meet AOSA standards.   These recognized seed  laboratories and their contact information shall be listed on the CCIA  web site (available at Seed Laboratory Recognition Program). 

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