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History 1940-49

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During the next few years the acreage continued to expand with there being 18,759 acres in 1945. In 1944 the Approved Seed Plan was incorporated as the California Crop Improvement Association, thus to be more nearly in line with the type of organization elsewhere in the country. This organization was officially incorporated June 15, 1944. Its by-laws provided for a board of directors similar in many respects to the state committee formerly governing the program. The number of elected grower representatives was increased to eight, with eight appointed rep­resentatives from various cooperating agencies. The Crop Improvement Association was incorporated as a non-profit corporation to engage in the certification of seed, and became recognized for that purpose under the State Seed Law.

While the use of the term "Calapproved" had considerable value, the Farm Bureau did not wish to turn it over completely to the California Crop Improve­ment Association, so therefore the latter decided to discontinue its use in the fall of 1946. Since that time the word "Calapproved" has been used by a market­ing organization known as the Calapproved Seed Growers Association which was or­ganized in 1949.

History 1950-1959

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