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Seed Notes - Newsletter

January 2015

January 2015 

New Executive Director, Annual Members Meeting, Renewal of Perennial Crops, Director Election Results, Update from the CCIA AASCO Seed Sampler Training Program, Scholarships Awarded, Bean Conditioners, International Delegations, Updated CCIA Website

August 2014 

August 2014

Remembering Larry Teuber, Search for Executive Director, Change in small grains research fees, Seed Conditioner Applications, Data Entry of Lab Results, Email Requests for Reference Samples, Rice Standard Update for Colored Bran Off-types, Scholarship Recepients, Harvesting Reminder, Good-by to Barbara Bassett

January 2014

January 2014

Annual members meeting, renewal of perennial crops, thank you to Scott Hudson, Conditioner-data entry of lab results, applied and approved acreage report for last 5 years by crop

November 2013

November 2013

Drawing application maps, Isolation pin notification, Staff focus on Ashley Koala, Proper packaging for seed samples, Important points to remember when drawing maps, Include certification numbers on Reports of Analysis, Scholarships

July 2013


Goodbye to Bob Ball, Director Election Results, Seed Sampler Training, Teuber Appointed to PVP Board, Lab Report of Analysis Reminder, AOSCA update, Schloarships, Harvesting Reminder

December 2012 (pdf)

New Director for the UCD Foundation Seed Program, Application renewals for perennial crops, Holiday office closure, Information for Agricultural Commissioner Offices, Research fee reminder, Sample forms, Certification numbers are important on the lab reports of analysis

September 2012 (pdf)

Certification numbers are important on the lab reports of analysis, Scholarship information, Harvesting reminder, Ag Commissioner information, Seed Lab Recognition Program, Staff focus-Catalina Oramas & Kitty Schlosser, History of the CCIA - part 3

April 2012


annual Member's meeting, Reminder-change in research fees, Scholarships information, Field days & meetings, Staff focus-Catalina Oramas, Rice Experiment Station centennial celebration, History of the CCIA - part 2, Seed Biotechnology Center educational opportunities

January 2012


Change in research fees, Application for renewals for perennial crops, New field inspection summary, Position available at CCIA, Clarification to alfalfa seed standards, Scholarships awarded, Grower Opportunity Zones (GOZ), What is AOSCA?, Reminder - harvester inspection, FOV 4 in cotton, History of the CCIA - part 1

August 2011

August 2011

Applicant/grower communication, director elections, seed conditioner-reference samples & lab reports of analysis, alfalfa seed stewardship program, updated seed transfer form, from one bob to another, new requirement for grain and grass variety review, scholarship recipients, staff focus-Claudine Clark, Katy Soden, Danielle Bowman

April 2011
April 2011

Annual member's meeting, new director, membership, correction, scholarships, harvester inspections, ASSP, isolation map, historical note, SLRP, Pablo Guzman, bags wanted, blend numbers, ag day at capitol

August 2010 (pdf)

App numbers required for seed cert requests, online tag request form, elections, Stewart AOSCA president, seed lab recognition program, harvester inspections, Bob Stewart

April 2010 (pdf)

Members meeting, bean standards, planting stock, scholarships, seed lab recognition program, seed lab reports dates, Shannon Mueller, Kitty Schlosser

February 2010 (pdf)

Labeling requirements for blends, renewals due, scholarships, recertification, update organization information, Nicole Hostert

October 2009 (pdf)

New directors, research fee increase, online seed cert requestes, app assignments by crop, Larry Teuber

April 2009 (pdf)

Scholarships, elections results, members meeting, variety amendment, CTC, seed lab recognition program, sampling, new crop standards, organic certification, Mary Voorhees

October 2008 (pdf)

Acreage report, online seed inspection reports, new app year, elections, Jack De Wit, Bob Simas, Barbara Bassett

March 2008 (pdf)

Membership meeting, late fees, scholarships, new crop standards, cotton FOV4, change in fees, variety approval, Timothy Blank

December 2007 (pdf)

New app year, variety names, scholarships, varietal certification, Alex Mkandawire

August 2007 (pdf)

Membership meeting, reorganization, online applications, new cert numbers, liberty link testing, Round-up Ready alfalfa update, new cotton standards, organic audit

News Items

January 5, 2015 John Palmer becomes Executive Director of the CCIA.

June 19, 2014 Research fees for small grains increased from $.25/cwt to $.30/cwt.

May 19, 2014 Executive Director Larry Teuber passed away due to cancer. For more information see Larry Teuber Tribute.

July 2012 Kitty Schlosser retires from the university after 25 years; the last 6 years at the CCIA.

September 2011 Research fees were adjusted at the September CCIA Board of Directors meeting for beans and small grains. This change is effective April 2012. 
View the entire Fee Schedule.
- Bean research fees changed from $.15 to $.20/cwt
- Small grains research fees changed from $.22 to $.25/cwt.

August 2011 Claudine Clark retires from the CCIA.

September 2009 Research fees were adjusted at the September CCIA Board of Directors meeting for alfalfa and small grains. View the entire Fee Schedule.
- Alfalfa research fees changed from $.20 to $.25/cwt
- Small grains research fees changed from $.17 to $.22/cwt

July 2009 Robert J. Simas retires from CCIA after 19 years of service.

February 2009 Three new crop standards have been added and can be viewed on the Seed Certification web page:

- Clover, Berseem
- Teff
- Turfgrass

All crop standards were updated with the addition of the following statement in the "Weeds" section:
Prohibited and Restricted noxious weeds are listed in the California Seed Law/CA Code of Regulations/Sections 3854 and 3855.

January 2009 Variety amendment acceptance.
Amendments to variety descriptions, including variant tolerance, have in the past been approved without formal review or consideration by the original certification authority. Effective immediately, CCIA will require that the certification agency or review board that originally approved the variety accept the amendment before CCIA will recognize the amendment. If the variety was approved through CCIA's Certification Technical Committee (CTC), the amendment and supporting experimental data must be submitted to CCIA/CTC for review. The CTC will determine if the changes are substantiated and make a recommendation to the CCIA Board of Directors that the amendment be accepted. For example, variant tolerance amendments must provide credible data to support the request changing the frequency of variants from what was reported in the original variety described. Read the entire notice: Variety Amendment Acceptance - Jan 2009 (pdf).

February 2008 There have been updates to the following standards:
Corn standards
Hybrid Corn standards
Flax standards
Rape standards
Hybrid Rape standards

September 2007 There have been updates to the rice standards.
Rice standards.

May 2007 There have been updates to the cotton standards.
Cotton standards.

September 2006
Rice Industry and Grower Members - Red Rice 2008 Information (pdf)

September 2006
CCIA Reorganization 2006 (pdf) - Larry Teuber appointed as new Executive Director

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