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Seed Notes - January 2014

Table of Contents

Annual Members Meeting
Application Renewals for Perennial Crops
Conditioners - Data Entry of Lab Results
Thank you to Scott Hudson

Annual Members Meeting

All members are invited to attend the annual CCIA member's meeting on February 27,m 2014 at 9:00 am. The meeting will beheld in the Prato Room of the Parsons Seed Certification Center on the UC Davis campus. Direction to the site are available on the CCIA website; parking permit must be purchased in the parking lot for $8.

In order to be sure there are seats for all attending, if you plan to attend, please contact Katy Soden by email at or phone 530-752-6979. There is no registration fee; travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the member.

The CCIA By-laws are in the process of being updated by the Board of Directors. the updated By-laws will be brought to the membership for approval in the next few months.

Conditioners - Data Entry of Lab Results

When conditioners request to cerOfy their seed they are required to submit Results of Analysis from an AOSA laboratory which verify that the seed meets minimum certification requirements.

The data from the Report of Analysis MUST be entered into the web page. The Report of Analysis is then scanned and uploaded to the web page. It is also a new requirement that the “Lab ID/Test Number” be entered.

The CCIA staff will check that the uploaded document matches the data entered before they approve the seed for certification.

Please remember to enter the data, do not just upload the document.

Thank you to Scott Hudson

We would like to thank Scott Hudson for serving on the CCIA Board of Directors as the representative for the Agricultural Commissioners. His last meeting will be in February and we are very grateful for the perspective he has provided to the Board.

Application for Renewal for Perennial Crops

We wish to welcome you to the 2014 crop year at the CCIA, which actually began October 1, 2013. It is that time of year again to start organizing our field activities. We hope that you have planted new alfalfa fields or should be doing so in the near future. On the other hand, you are probably considering decisions for the fields you had in the certification program last year. As you know, applications for perennial crops must be renewed annually and these have now been offered on the CCIA website. These applications should be submitted electronically no later than February 15.

A choice of ‘Renew’ means the production field will be used for seed in the current crop season.

A ‘No Crop’ renewal application is chosen if a seed crop will not be produced in the current crop season but the field will remain in the certification program for future seed production.

A ‘Cancelled’ renewal application is chosen if the field will not be used for seed production and will be removed from the certification program.

Certified alfalfa seed production is limited to stands not exceeding six (6) years of age. However, individual varieties have an ‘Age of Stand’ limit as stipulated by the Breeder on the Variety Description and so please consult those stipulations prior to renewal since they vary among varieties.

Our CCIA Crop Standard does not have ‘Age of Stand’ restrictions for bermudagrass and asparagus but individual bermudagrass varieties have such restrictions as per Variety Description.

Clover has the following ‘Age of Stand’ restrictions depending on type: Berseem Clover not to exceed one year, Red Clover not to exceed two years; and White Clover not to exceed two years for Foundation or Registered and four years for Certified production, respectively. Replanting to thicken a stand or to fill in skips is permitted in row plantings. Replanted areas must be noted on the application or communicated to the CCIA via email and a Foundation or Registered seed tag, whichever may apply, from the planting stock for the replanted areas must accompany the renewal application. If the field size has changed a new map should be drawn on the application prior to submission.

Please submit the renewal applications prior to February 15 so that we can properly organize our resources for the anticipated field inspections later in the season. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with the renewal process.

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