Seed Notes December 2012

Bob StewartNew Director for the UCD Foundation Seed Program

Robert (Bob) Stewart has been appointed by the Department of Plant Sciences as the Director for the UC Davis Foundation Seed Program. Bob's many years of experience at the CCIA and with the Foundation Seed Program, combined with his relationships in the seed industry, uniquely provide him with the expertise needed for this position. The Director position is a part‐time appointment and is separate from the CCIA. We are pleased that Bob will be continuing with his current responsibilities at the CCIA. 

Application renewals for perennial crops

Applications for perennial field crops must be renewed each February. After logging into their account, applicants will find a link (near the link to begin a new application) to the applications which are eligible for renewal. This link will be available on February 1st. For each renewal, one of the following actions MUST be chosen:

1. Renew application ‐ the production field will be used for seed production in the 2013 crop year.
2. No crop ‐ a seed crop will not be produced this crop year, but the field should remain in the certification program for future years.
3. Cancel ‐ field is cancelled and removed from the certification program.

The applicant MUST take action on all existing perennial applications BEFORE March 1st. If no action is taken by this date the application will be cancelled. 

snowmanHoliday office closure

The CCIA office will be closed from December 24 through January 1.

Information for Agricultural Commissioner Offices

Staff in the Agricultural Commissioner offices are able to access certified seed conditioning permits at the CCIA web site for the seed conditioning facilities in their counties. After logging in to the area "Ag Commissioners Login", there is a link to "Seed Conditioner Permits". A pdf document for each county is available with signed permits, delegation letters, and the certificate issued. REMINDER ‐ When submitting Seed Transfer Forms, please make an effort to include the application number. This information is necessary for the CCIA to track the seed lots. 

Research fee reminder

The January issue of Seed Notes reported: The CCIA collects research fees on pounds of seed certified for certain crops. The Board of Directors allocate the funds collected to research projects that benefit these crops. At the September 2011 Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to adjust the research fees as listed below; these changes will took effect April 1, 2012. Check the CCIA web site for the full Schedule of fees.








Sample forms

When submitting a seed sample to a CCIA Recognized Seed Laboratory for analysis, please make special effort to include the Sample Form with the seed sample. The Sample Form can be printed from your files at the CCIA web site and includes all the information the lab will need to perform the correct analysis on the sample. Please call the CCIA office if you need assistance finding the Sample Form.

Certification numbers are important on the lab reports of analysis

Seed conditioners ‐ please be sure to provide the certification number to the Recognized Seed Laboratory when requesting analysis for a seed sample. The CCIA recommends that seed conditioners print the "Sample Form" that is specific to a seed lot and attach the form to the seed sample when it is sent to the laboratory. Then the seed laboratory will have all the information needed to record on the report. Since October 1, 2012, if a Report of Analysis is submitted to the CCIA that does not report the certification number, it will need to be reprinted by the lab before the CCIA will accept the results.

Recognized Seed Laboratories ‐ please be sure to record the certification number on the Report of Analysis. When the CCIA verifies the information submitted on the lab report, it is vital that we match the information to the specific seed lot. The certification number is unique and allows the CCIA to verify the match.