Seed Sampler Certification Program

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Purpose and Objectives

The objective of the Seed Sampler Certification Program is to promote the use of acceptable sampling procedures to improve seed lot quality estimation and to enhance uniformity and consistency of seed sampling.

The Federal Seed Act and State Seed Laws regulate the seed market by ensuring that seed vendors offer seed that is in compliance with standards for sale. Compliance with these laws is determined via truth in labeling with information from a Laboratory Report of Seed Analysis that is submitted by the laboratory after it completes a seed test done under AOSA’s oversight. But this is a result of a seed test done on a sample of seed that represents a large seed lot. Obtaining a representative seed sample of a size suitable for the appropriate tests connects the seed sample test in the laboratory with the seed lot for reliable labeling.

Below are links to documents, forms, and safety information.

Link to AASCO Handbook on Seed Sampling