Seed Notes August 2014

Remembering Larry Teuber

Larry TeuberIt is with deep regret that we announce that Dr. Larry R. Teuber passed away on May 19, 2014 due to cancer. Larry served as the Executive Director of the CCIA since 2006.

In addition to his important role at the CCIA, Larry was a Professor in the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences where he contributed in teaching and research in alfalfa and wild rice breeding, he served as the director for the UC Davis Foundation Seed Program for many years, and was an inaugural instructor for the Plant Breeding Academy. Larry will truly be missed by his many friends, faculty, and colleagues.

More information about Larry’s life may be read at the CCIA web site: Tribute to Larry Teuber

Search for Executive Director

The CCIA has begun a search for an Executive Director. The successful applicant will act as a liaison between the CCIA and the OECD Designated Authority (USDA/AMS) and other international certification and identity preserved programs, work closely with Staff with assigned OECD responsibilities, and assist in the development and implementation of new programs. They will oversee the CCIA Field Services Unit to review applications for certified seed production, inspect production, and review and finalize field inspection reports. They will provide technical expertise on committees concerned with varietal characteristics, documentation supporting varietal claims and characteristics, and technical requirements for variety release. They will provide support/guidance during development/release of new varieties and represent the CCIA, as appropriate, at AOSCA and Seed Industry meetings and conferences.

Change in small grains research fees

At the June Board meeting the Directors approved an increase in the research fee for small grains. Effective October 1, 2014 the certification fees will be:

$.30/cwt grain research fee
$.16 certification fee (no change)
Total grain certification fee = $.46

The complete fee schedule for all crops is available at certification fees.

Seed Conditioner Information


Seed conditioners must submit an Application for Certified Seed Conditioning Permit each year. These permits are in effect from July 1 to June 30. If you have not already submitted the application please do so as soon as possible. The permit form is available at the CCIA web site on the “Forms” page or use this link:

Application for Certified Seed Conditioning Permit (pdf)

The form is a pdf which may be downloaded and completed using the computer; print, sign, and submit to your local Agricultural Commissioner for their approval. Then mail to the CCIA for permit processing. If this permit is not submitted for approval in a timely manner your facility will lose it’s ability to apply online to certify seed.

Data Entry of Lab Results

When conditioners request to certify their seed they are required to submit Results of Analysis from an AOSA laboratory which verify that the seed meets minimum certification requirements.

The data from the Report of Analysis MUST be entered into the web page. The Report of Analysis is then scanned and uploaded to the web page. It is also a new requirement that the “Lab ID/Test Number” be entered.

The CCIA staff will check that the uploaded document matches the data entered before they approve the seed for certification.

Please remember to enter the data, do not just upload the document.

Email Requests for Reference Samples

Recently we automated our requests for reference samples for both the conditioners and labs. Emails will be sent out from the CCIA every Tuesday morning for the flagged lots submitted the week prior. If you have questions, please do not reply to these emails, instead contact either Mary Voorhees ( or Nicole Hostert ( directly.

Rice Standard Update for Colored Bran Off-types

Despite strict protocol adopted by the rice industry for the planting and handling of colored bran rice varieties, there has been an increase in the incidence of colored bran rice contaminations in non-colored bran rice in recent years. Additionally, without genetic testing, an off-type seed of a red colored bran variety can be very difficult to distinguish from seed of weedy red rice during laboratory analysis. To address these concerns, the CCIA, with the consultation of rice producers, has revised the rice field and seed standards. In the past, the allowable tolerances in the certification standards for colored bran off-types were no different than the tolerances for non-colored bran off-types. The revised standards disallow any colored bran rice in both the field and in seed lots of non-colored bran varieties.

Harvesting Reminder

harvesterApplicants are reminded to notify growers regarding any pertinent harvesting instructions that are provided on the Field Inspection Reports. Sometimes portions of fields have been noted as "not to be harvested" because it has not met certification standards.

The growers need to have this information prior to harvest. Harvesting of certified seed is subject to supervision of the local county Agricultural Commissioner, whose office MUST be notified prior to the harvest of certified seed (California Agricultural Code, Division 18, Chapter 2, California Seed Law, Article 7, Section 52421(b)). All harvesting equipment and any conveyances used to handle the certified seed must be cleaned and verified by the county Agricultural Commissioner prior to harvest or use. The cleaning of harvesting equipment is the joint responsibility of the applicant and/or grower.


Three scholarships of $2,000 each were awarded in the last year to the following students:

Jennifer Ryder FoxJennifer Ryder Fox, Dean-College of Agriculture CSUC, made the presentation to Derek Allen at the California State University-Chico College of Agriculture Scholarship Ceremony in April.



Bryan Van NordenRobert Stewart made the presentation to Bryan Van Norden at the Cal Poly Pomona Spring Banquet in May.




Kevin CoeRobert Stewart made the presentation to Kevin Coe at the UC Davis Plant Science Commencement Reception in June.



Goodbye to Barbara Bassett

Barbara has been the receptionist/bookkeeper at the CCIA since 2009. She has decided to leave the CCIA and we wish her well in her new endeavor. Please contact Katy Soden with any financial questions.