General Standards Section 14

Section 14. Certification Number

A certification number will be assigned to all seed fields passing inspection.  This number has three (3) parts. It is based on the year and state of production, three randomly assigned digits (RAD), and a number indicating the applicant, variety, and class of seed produced.  The number will be issued and stated on the Field Inspection Report only after the field has been inspected and passed field inspection. The number is reported to the applicant and available to county Agricultural Commissioners. An example of a complete certification number is:  22CA-123-45678.

This certification number becomes the essential identification for the certified seed.  The certification number must be imprinted on, or attached to all bags, boxes, or other containers used for holding the seed throughout its harvest to eventual planting.  Lot numbers may be added, but the certification number remains the primary identifier.  During all seed movement, handling, conditioning, and storage, it is imperative that this certification number always identifies the seed.

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