General Standards Section 21

Section 21. Seed Certification

A seed conditioner intending to certify a seed lot must submit an online request which includes a laboratory report of analysis. If the seed lot meets all crop seed standards a Seed Inspection Report is issued.

21.1  Online request. The request to certify a seed lot must be submitted directly to the CCIA using the members only section. In order to submit the request the conditioner must provide the seed lot certification number and application numbers for all fields producing seed for this lot.

21.2  Submit laboratory results. The test results reported by the seed laboratory are entered into an online form. A scanned version of the Report of Analysis is uploaded to the form (See Section 20. Seed Testing).

21.3  Verification. The CCIA staff will verify all information provided and pass or reject the seed lot for certification based on individual Crop Standards. The CCIA may request documentation of the applicant's right to certify proprietary varieties.

21.4  Substandard seed. Substandard seed failing to meet crop seed standards may still be certified, at the request of the owner, by meeting the following conditions when re-cleaning or blending is not practical.

  1. Seed must be free of California noxious weeds with prohibited or restricted seed ratings.
  2. The certification tag must include the statement - "Differs from seed quality standards due to [state difference here - germinationinert matter, common weeds, etc.]"

Certification may be refused on any seed unreasonably poor in appearance or physical quality such as inert matter, common weeds, other crops, or germination.

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