General Standards Section 27

Section 27. Interagency Certification

Interagency certification is the participation of two or more official seed certifying agencies (AOSCA) in performing the services required to certify the same lot or lots of seed.  The methods and standards employed in each step of the interagency certification process are determined by the cooperating agencies, with the following exceptions:

27.1. When issuing the labels, the CCIA shall require the seed to meet standards at least equal to the minimum standards of AOSCA.

27.2  Seed to be recognized for interagency certification must be received in containers carrying official  certification labels or evidence of its eligibility from another official certifying agency, such as a Seed Transfer Certificate or other agency’s equivalent form which must include the following information:                          

  1. Variety and kind
  2. Quantity            
  3. Certification class
  4. Inspection or lot number traceable to the previous certifying agency's records

27.3   Consigned authorization. The CCIA may request documentation of the conditioner's right to request certified tags or labels for proprietary varieties.

27.4   In addition to compliance  with the tagging requirements specified in Section 24 and Section 25 of this document, each label used in interagency certification shall be serially numbered or carry the certification identity number and clearly identify the certifying agencies involved, the varietykind and class of seed. Although detailed arrangements may be made between two agencies for the interagency certification of a specific lot, it is not necessary to obtain prior approval from the other agency.

  1. Seed received in California fully certified by another agency but tagged by the CCIA will state "Interagency certification: seed certified by 'other agency', tags issued by the CCIA".
  2. Seed received and conditioned in California will meet all the CCIA seed standards. Tags will state "Interagency certification; 'list agencies' seed".

27.5   When a container of certified seed is opened for relabeling, all procedures must be with the approval of the CCIA.

27.6   The agency last having jurisdiction of the seed must keep on file complete information indicating the quantity of seed finally certified, the nature of service rendered (reconditioning, rebagging, or relabeling) and the certification and lot numbers of the seed involved.


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