General Standards Section 10

Section 10. Planting the Field

An  applicant wishing to produce a certified class of seed must start by planting  the proper class allowed for reproduction.   This is usually the Foundation  or Registered classes of seed.   Documentation of the identity of the seed planted is required, such as Breeder letter, Tags, or Bulk Sales Certificate. This documentation is to be provided as part of the ‘Application to  Produce Certified Seed’.

10.1      Equipment. The equipment used  for planting must be thoroughly cleaned prior to planting.  There is a special requirement for certified  rice production which requires the applicant and grower to inspect all planting  equipment, including aircraft, and to submit a statement to this effect with  the application.  Special documentation  of this cleaning is a requirement in the certification of rice seed; this form  is available online with the "Application Forms" at

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