General Standards Section 11

Section 11. Applying to grow certified seed

11.1  Applications. The  “Application to Produce Certified Seed” must be submitted  directly to the CCIA using the online submission procedure defined at the web site page  Application to grow and certify seed. The deadline for  submission of an application is indicated in the individual crop standards available  at the web site page Crop Standards.  Applications submitted after the date  indicated, as determined by the individual crop standard, may be accepted, but  late application fees will be applied. The “Schedule of Fees” includes late fee descriptions and is available at Fee Schedule.  The acceptance of late applications is always  contingent on whether field inspection can be scheduled and verification that  the crop has not matured beyond the point where an accurate field inspection  can be made. 

The  verification of planting stock through documentation must accompany each application. This  verification can be in the form of Certification Tags (removed from the bag(s)), Bulk Sale Certificate(s), or a Breeder Letter. When this documentation is not available, CCIA may  elect to accept an invoice for the seed planted if a copy of an original invoice  is provided by the seller with the following information: variety name, pounds  sold, class of certified seed, certification number, and lot number.

The CCIA may request verification of the applicant's right to certify proprietary varieties.

11.2  Renewal Applications. For  perennial crops, an application must be submitted each year whether or not seed production is intended that year. This is required for  the field to remain eligible for certification in subsequent years. Renewal  applications are offered electronically to the original applicant by CCIA by early January. Renewal applications will be available online when the  applicant logs into the system. The applicant must take one of the following  actions for each renewal application:

  1. Renew  Application – the production field will be used for seed production in this  crop year.

  2. No  Crop – a seed crop will not be produced this crop year, but the field should  remain in the certification program for future years.

  3. Cancel  – field is canceled and removed from the certification program.

The  deadline for taking one of the above actions will be February 15th. If  no action is taken by the applicant, CCIA staff will cancel the field.

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