General Standards Section 13

Section 13. Field Inspection

Inspectors authorized by the CCIA will inspect  all fields being grown for certification.   The criteria for field inspection are defined in the individual Crop Standards.

13.1 Additionally the following standards apply to  all crops:

  1. Any condition, which prevents accurate  inspection, such as weediness, poor growth, disease, or insect damage, shall be  cause for rejection.

  2. The field must be of such appearance as not to bring certified seed into disfavor in the area.

  3. Presence of prohibited noxious weeds shall cause rejection of the field unless areas containing such weeds are clearly separated from the remainder of the field. Prohibited noxious weeds in any perennial crop must be controlled prior to the next production year.

  4. Presence of any restricted noxious weeds that are apt to cause a problem in conditioning the seed must be controlled

13.2 It is the responsibility of the applicant and/or grower to make sure the  field(s) has been inspected prior to harvest. Every effort will be made to inspect fields early enough to avoid delays  in harvest, but the CCIA assumes no responsibility for fields harvested prior  to being inspected.

Field separation boundaries and isolation boundaries must be made before the inspector arrives;  otherwise the field may require a re-inspection which will result in an  additional fee.

In some crops varietal identity  cannot be determined by visual field inspection.

13.3 Re-inspection. If a field has been rejected but the cause for the rejection is correctable, the  applicant may make the adjustments and request re-inspection. A re-inspection fee may be charged.

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