General Standards Section 9

Section 9. Land Requirements

In all cases the previous crop history must be  known on the field(s) used to produce any class of certified seed.  The field(s) must not have grown another  variety of the same crop for the length of time specified by the individual crop  standards.  Regardless of previous crops,  at the time of planting, the field must be free of volunteer plants of the crop  being produced.  The area adjacent to the  field should also be free of volunteer plants of the crop being produced. The  field or any portion of the field certified must always have a definite  boundary such as a fence, ditch, levee, road, or barren strip. Stakes alone  will not be recognized as an adequate boundary unless these are steel fence  posts or heavy wooden posts placed at 200-foot intervals and tall enough to be  seen above the crop.

Fields to be planted  for certification should be free from all prohibited noxious weeds as  designated by the Director of California Department of Food and Agriculture  (CDFA) and those weeds specifically named in CCIA’s individual crop standards.

9.1  Prohibited Noxious Weed Seed List. Seed or propagules  of the species of plants on this list have been named prohibited noxious weed seed  within the meaning of Section 52257 of the California Food and Agricultural  Code.

9.2  Restricted Noxious Weed Seed List. The fields should  also be free from those restricted noxious weeds apt to be difficult to  separate from the crop seed.  Seed or  propagules of the species of plants on this list have been named restricted  noxious weed seed by the Director of CDFA within the meaning of Section 52258  of the California Food and Agricultural Code.

9.3  Isolation Requirements. Isolation  requirements must be met as specified in the individual crop standards.  If there is a dispute where two applicants  cannot mutually agree on isolation involving their certified seed fields, the  field planted last must provide the isolation or be denied certification.  If it is not clear which field was planted  first, the application first received by CCIA shall have priority.

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